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Straight Length Plug-In

Straight Length Plug-In

Product Description

Plug-In section designed with plug-in openings centered on 543mm intervals. Its is available in both side of the section for optimum utilization. It is used in distribution load system required. Plug-in section available in standard length of 3000mm and minimum 742mm. The plug-in meet the highest IP55 (splash Proof).
  1. Standard Busduct - Outlets is on both sides on 543mm interval to optimized the amount of plug-in units in horizontal applications.
  2. Riser Busduct - Outlets is on one side on 543mm interval to fit the vertical applications.
  3. Limited Access Busduct - Customized design, where the plug-in outlets can be placed as customer request.
Molded guard designed is to eliminates the risk of incidential finger contact with live conductor. In additional, Plug-in Outlet also provided cover to be close during plug-in been taken o to protect the Plug-in contact surfaces from rust, water, pest and chemicals. Plug-in Outlet are IP2X rated whereby 12mm test probe is unable to enter a Plug-in Outlet. Proper marking provided on the connections on the Plug-in Outlet to ensure proper contact of phase and ground bars with Plug-in fingers.
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