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Powerline Series

Powerline series is one of the DE (Dynamic Electrical) busduct series provided by Dynamic Electrical Sdn Bhd from Malaysia. It offers a complete line of compatible, compact and sandwich type feeder and plug-in busduct and fittings. This busduct system have been constructed to suit the requirement to distribute the electrical energy or power from power supply to the right and need place such as transformer – switchboard or switchboard – switchboard connection, and in the main power distributing for commercial, industrial, high rise building, service industry, power plant and high-tech building. The busduct itself provided you advantages from various factors.

Our Advantages Product


Low Installation Cost

By using Busduct system, you will definitely save installation cost. You can saved from your time and cost for installing the Busduct system compared for installing cable and cable tray. There is no need for you to do the task such like stripping, preparing and pulling the heavy wire, and cutting the wire. All what you need to do to install the busduct is to joint each section and tighten the join stack and for plug-in section, you just plug-in the tap off unit into the plug-in type section an electricity will supply to each floor. Hence, you will cutting down on expensive down-time.

More Compact and Smaller Size

Sandwich designed busduct system makes it ideal for all industrial applications. Smaller size means an easier fit into tight hallway ceiling and will dramatically reduce your ceiling weight load. Bedsides, it also reduces delivery cost, simplifies storage and facilities handling.

Expansion Flexibility

The busduct is willing to grow together as your company keep growing. Whereby, the busduct runs can be easily added or dis-assembled and relocated with minimum effort and safely within a matter of minutes. Most application will be fall into four categories: Services Entrance, Single Load, Multiple Load and Riser.

Predictable Electrical Characteristic

Not only for the busduct system electrical characteristic can be verified independently which including voltage drop, short circuit ratings, weight, reactance, impedance, temperature rise, and dielectric rating. Busduct system also has greater short circuit ratings and low voltage drop

Virtually No Maintenance

Most of the busduct has the weakness in their joint section. Therefore, we come out with a unique double headed bolt joint stack. The joint stack is been carefully and professionally designed to endure that when the joint stack is properly tightened, there is no need for retightened again in subsequence year.
Powerline Series

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